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From Chaos

by Donna Siggers 11 months ago in sad poetry

by Donna Siggers

From Chaos

Blinded by your rage, a storm within your mind

Lost within a fog, clarity difficult to find.

Your mind a whirlpool, the darkness like a disease

Chaos crushing your soul, bringing you to your knees.

The feeling you’re drowning, fills your heart with sorrow

Praying day by day, that it gets better tomorrow.

That the water so deep, muddy and murky

Slowly begins to clear, because you know you’re worthy.

That the burdens carried, weighing you down heavily

Gradually get lifted, something you need dreadfully.

As clarity follows chaos, and order is restored

Breathe deeply, you’ve a new journey to be explored.

sad poetry
Donna Siggers
Donna Siggers
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Donna Siggers
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