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by Shalløw 2 months ago in sad poetry
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until we meet again

I'm glad I can talk with you; there's a lot I must say...

You kept me happy in places I didn't belong

Every day was a new surprise

I apologize for not being strong, you were hurt, I'm sorry child

I let you suffer for so long; I concealed everything

When I should've wiped your tears and given you a place to belong

I could've fought for you, but those simple thoughts fleeted

You were stuck in one place as I was leaving

I saw those dark black eyes and a kid hiding at night

You would even hide yourself; you banished yourself from the light

I had to see it and there was nothing I could do

A personality is the most I could ever give you

I helped motivate others, but your words weren't true

You didn't apply the words given when you needed to

I just helped divert the attention so your soul had time to heal

You were abandoned needing love; I could only help receive it

If I could've made you whole, then I would have done it

I'm sorry those days were scary, I knew you'd be hurt

I watched the devil do his work and I knew you'd be burned

I had to watch you face it, I could only help you cope

I'm older now and be glad to know we made it

We finally found hope and it's truly amazing

I'm sorry but we can't share it now

Give it time until you grow up

You're still a kid; eventually both parents show up

You're young so you know none of this

So cherish happy memories; One day we'll meet again

I hope at that time I'm not your only friend.


sad poetry

About the author


Their are many reasons I write. I wish to see my journey not only as an author but as a person. As well as a growth in maturity. However I also wish for in some way those out there with no voice can find a comfort in mine.



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