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Freedom is my Forte

by Filza Chaudhry 4 months ago in inspirational

I am a good deed rocker!!!

Filza Chaudhry Selfie

My wild soul is done with 3D bullshit reality

Time to dance and sing so fucking loud

Scream with joy to my heart’s content

Time to play with all the freedom

We have been encoded to be

Wear bells on my ankles

Flowers in my hair

Wear my heart on my sleeve

Make it super cool to care

Talk to fairies and mystical creatures

Residing all around me

Wish upon every goddam star

Spread my angelic dust all around

I am a good deed rocker

God made me this way

My mind is always thinking of ways

To help, heal and surprise others

I remember people’s wishes, requests, prayers

I endeavor to help make dreams come true

My ‘Heart Revolution’ will serve its purpose

My selfless soul will keep planting seeds of goodness

I will be Filza the ‘Wish Maker’!!!

Filza Chaudhry 2021 ©

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Filza Chaudhry

Writer, Poet, Creative Visionary, Humanitarian.

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