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by RN Manchester about a month ago in surreal poetry / nature poetry
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A poem.

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Take hold of a rock,

And a deep breath.

Over the side,

Into the depth.

Pulling me down,

Clearing my ears.

Downward I go;

Having no fears.

The surface above

Grows so far away.

How long can I last,

In this dark place.

If I continue down,

I may pass out.

How long, I wonder,

Can my breath hold out?

No feeling of touch;

No voices to hear.

Just the water,

Cool and clear.

The water feels good,

Cool on my skin.

The abyss below,

Too deep to discern.

Deeper and deeper,

Into the depths.

How long, I wonder,

Can I hold my breath?

Now I’m quite deep,

Relaxed and clear.

I hope and pray,

No panic, no fear.

I could stay,

In this cool dark place.

Drifting downward,

To my watery grave.


But there is no point,

Of leaving life now.

There’s so much beauty,



Releasing the rock;

Back toward the sun.

A gentle kick,

To carry me on.


Upward forever,

With bubbles, I rise.

Toward the surface,

Until the next time.

Copyright © 2022 by RN Manchester. All Rights Reserved.

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About the author

RN Manchester

I write mostly short stories and some poetry. Pretty much any genre, though I lean toward science fiction, fantasy and horror. I try to publish at least once a week.

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  • Sara Larcaabout a month ago

    Love! Is this the poem you were talking about the other day? Oh and HI! I made it - I used the link you provided so I hopefully you got the credit! I just submitted to "The Day After" contest! Thank you so much for turning me onto this site!!!

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