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"Fragile Bonds: Love Me or Not"

"Love's Crossroads: Love Me or Not"

By evansPublished about a year ago 1 min read
"Fragile Bonds: Love Me or Not"
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In the realm of fragile bonds, where hearts entwine,

A delicate dance of love, uncertain and fine.

Between two souls, a whisper in the air,

A question lingers, a love to declare.


Will you love me, or cast me away?

In this fragile moment, I dare to say.

For love's path is treacherous, filled with doubt,

A journey of emotions, both in and out.


Like a fragile thread, our hearts are bound,

Love's fragile dance on uncertain ground.

We tiptoe on the edges of hope and fear,

Yearning for a love that's crystal clear.


In the depths of vulnerability, we find,

A connection that's tender, one of a kind.

Yet the winds of uncertainty gently blow,

Testing the strength of the love we sow.


With each step forward, a fragile trust,

In the balance of love, we must adjust.

For hearts are fragile, easily broken,

Love's fragility, a truth unspoken.


But amidst the fragility, there is beauty too,

In the vulnerability of me and you.

For love's true essence lies in its fragility,

A reminder of its power and possibility.


So, love me or not, in this fragile dance,

Let's embrace the uncertainty, take a chance.

For even if love's bond may bend or break,

The journey of love is a risk we take.


In fragile bonds, love's true colors shine,

A testament to the heart's design.

So let our hearts intertwine, regardless of fate,

For in love's fragility, we find our ultimate state.

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