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Foundations of Strength

by Cally Trandell 3 months ago in inspirational
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The Strength of the Human Soul

Strength is not an invisible construct in your mind that suddenly emerges out of nowhere, pushing through the darkness and the clouds to boastfully exclaim “I’m here! I’m here to save you!”

No strength, is what comes from days, months, years, and decades of meticulous construction. Trying to build upon a crumbling foundation that turns to ash each time a small breeze challenges its walls.

Strength is that glorious moment of finally placing that first solid brick of your foundation and slowly learning to trust that it will not crumble beneath the hardships of time.

Strength is each and every day placing one new brick down to resupport your efforts from the day before and as each brick is laid down the foundation starts growing stronger and stronger each day.

The distant memories of the once crumbling foundation and all of the tears and unfruitful efforts that came along with it, still fresh in your mind. The harsh sting of failure and desperation lingers in the air, brushing gently against your skin, reminding you of your past.

But with each new brick that is placed, the sting of your past becomes only a faded memory in time. A memory that serves as a reminder of your humble beginnings and the battles that brought you here today.

The higher you climb onto the wall and the stable foundation that you have put your heart and soul into, the more the harsh memories fade into the darkness as the sun emerges for a new day.


About the author

Cally Trandell

Creative, chronically ill, adventurous yet anxious human being striving to make her dreams come true every single day. One of my dreams is to change the world for the better with my words while inspiring others to live their wildest dreams.

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