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Even if You Don’t Love Me Anymore

Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

It’s me, I can’t deny, why I’ve been waiting so long.

And what exactly I’ve been waiting for.

I just need to know if I’m forgiven, for the mask I’ve worn.

Without that I just can’t move on.

I know, you say, “too bad, don’t cry. Now you can feel what I have felt for quite some time”.

I’m feeling it alright. I bow to you. You have the throne, I’m moving on.

Goodbye. So long. I’m backing down. It’s just one of those things that will keep me holding on.

I’ll give you my life while I sit here in strife for the rest of my life just waiting for those words, “I forgive you” and “It’s true, I do still love you”.

As long as you find your happiness that’s all I want to count on.

Tit for tat. It’s the most I can do.

Regardless of anything you’ve ever done, I’ll be the person who disappears, just for you. So you won’t have to feel uneasy bumping into me.

You will no longer see me. You can bring your inner child back out. The perpetrator is gone.

I wish you well. Good luck. So long.

Cindy Gust
Cindy Gust
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Cindy Gust

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