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Forget What Others Say, Listen to Your Heart

by Creative Hub 2 years ago in love poems
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user thumb George Hiegel

Forget What Others Say, Listen to Your Heart
Photo by Karina lago on Unsplash

I'm sure all of your friends

Will tell you, if you ask them

The years between us are too much

For us to get together

As I'm people in your family

And even strangers on the street

Will say exactly the same

That you and I shouldn't get together

For a chance of love, joy, and happiness

Just because the divide between

The great divide between your age and mine

Maybe if I were an ordinary man

I just might agree with them

But I am not an ordinary man

I am not like any man you've ever seen before

Or will ever see the like of again

Just as you are no ordinary woman

Unlike any other I've ever known

Or ever will know again

That is why I fell so hard for you,my love

Because an extraordinary man

Needs to love an extraordinary woman

Nothing else would ever do

And I would like nothing more

Then the opportunity to make you

Happier than you have ever been in your life

Happier than you could've ever dreamed of

To fill your heart with joy

To treat you in the special way you deserve

To show just how truly magnificent

Love given and love received can be

We, you and I, have a chance

To be happy right here and now

And for all of the days of a shared existence

On this fleeting plain known as life

Now I ask you, my love

To forget all of the naysayers

Who say this shouldn't be

And answer a question or two for me

What is in your heart?

What does it tell you?

Search long and deeply, my love

And listen closely to what it says

Because mine tells me

That you and I were meant to be

And each of us can be

The best thing the other has ever known

Nothing else, to me, matters

And all else, to me, pales.

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