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They Are Us

By A.Published 3 years ago 1 min read
Photo by Nick Linnen on Unsplash

Forests are vast,

And they are varied.

A myriad species,

With a history buried,

Deep within a common soil.

Bark and leaves,

Come in many shades,

Roots entangle,

Branches braid.

The trees reach new heights every day.

No matter their shape, size,

Color or orientation,

Ingrained in their veins lies,

The survival of their nation.

They demonstrate what community should be. You see —

No tree is identical,

But they breathe the same air,

Consume the same food,

And know how to share,

And each tree knows that,

United they stand,

That together they grow,

And sculpt their precious land.

The trees acknowledge the truth in this plan.

Yes, forests are varied and,

This is why they survive,

Their beauty is diversity,

That allows them to thrive,

Years jiving and alive past a hundred and five.

So, if nature embraces such differences in grace,

Then, why is it so damn hard for the human race?

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About the Creator


I write because I have a hard time expressing emotions in person.

My stories are mainly rooted in family and in memory of those I have lost. But, I’ll admit - crime, horror, and mystery do give me the occasional thrill.

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