Forest of Shadows

by Ecarg Nosive 4 months ago in sad poetry

Is it me or her?

Forest of Shadows

Lost in a forest of shadows

Branches scrape my limbs as I begin to panic

My heart is thumping loud and manic

I’m alone with these trees I stand with

I run away, from what?

I don’t know, but I do

I’m running for all I have to lose

I’m shaking but not from the cold breeze

I feel enclosed

Here comes the anxiety

Creatures crawl all over me

Spider webs in my hair and probably some leaves

I wish my care would just leave

*crunch* *crunch*

Oh no, it’s not just me

But not in the way it’s comforting

There’s a rustle in the distance

Part of me wishes they’d come with persistence

What have I done to my existence?

I’m all alone with them

Dead roots create a jungle

My shoes rip as I tumble

Did the fear know I was in trouble?

I lay there a bloody mess, but am I in distress when I confess

“You have already won” ?

I say as I look the old me in the eyes

They say nothing but I hear her lies

Wet hair sticking to her face, eyes wide

She’s seen the future her

Tattoos and more curves

Nothing going for her

Disappointment is what she serves

She grabs a thick stick and breaks it in half with her knee caps

We’re covered in mud

I already know in this dirt I will rest

She’s given up hope

It’s for the best

“Kill me”

I hope she does as she’s told

“Kill me”

The branch, she grips a tight hold


She raises it high with control

Thunder bursts as her heart does

She chose to end the root of the problem because clearly I never learned how to solve them

Soon enough I lay on the earth with my old body

I wish I could say she’s not me

But as lightning strikes

And clouds rumble

The shadows claim me as their other

sad poetry
Ecarg Nosive
Ecarg Nosive
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