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Forest magic

by David Sague 4 days ago in nature poetry


Naked branches tremble

in the sunless morning,

limbs raised in a prayer

of icy desperation


for light

to return


I walk the dew-dropped road,

full of coffee

and pumpkin bread

singing softly, growing louder,

as I find my song

telling the trees

that this

is my favorite

part of the day

I remember Tom Bombadil


along the Withywindle

to calm the grumpy old willow

and Adam wandering gardens

in his daily work

to quietly learn

to speak the names of things

and Maggie my dear magnolia tree

who taught my imagination to bloom

alive as her ivory blossoms

in those wiser days

when I proudly wore

holes in my jeans

at least every two weeks

I warm them with my song

just enough

until the dawn can come

In the tired evening

daylight spent

I walk home from work

empty eyes glued

to my glowing screen

trying to find anything

to make me happy

I shiver from the cold

And hear them call me

to take out my headphones

and listen

to the wintery

night’s chorus -

melodies of moonbeams

written to remind me

of my name

nature poetry

David Sague

I want the gouges the world carves into my heart to create canyons filled with echoing winds, flowing rivers, mysterious caves, and whatever the fuck kind of wildlife lives in canyons.

I want my heart to become a wonder.

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