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From you,

I felt the most genuine love,

And yet,

I cant be any nearer to you..

I fell for you,

as the best version of myself,

And yet,

I can’t be any closer to you...

I forgo,

as I search many a mans eyes,

And yet,

I can’t be there with you...

I could praise, laugh, support you,

And yet, my arms cradle myself tonight?

I do not,

seek love,avenge, or beseech

the warmth of touch...

And yet, I still fret..

Like a claw of a hammer

to a nail in a board...

How tough,

does this soft hearted woman

have to thrash,

As, I watch you lash out...

How many feelings do I surpress?

And yet,

my emotions feel abashed

taken out like trash...

Is this all a facade?

Feeling like a fascist

I could watch our love,

crash and burn

Then build a bon fire to keep us warm...

My co-dependency lights up like an ugly Christmas sweater

I know better,

But my heart is mute

I know the fate, of us,

Is moot

Hope feels minute

But how do I tell my lungs to quit taking in air?

How unfair to see, you through a screen-

and still never really feel seen...

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Saroyan Coles
Saroyan Coles
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Saroyan Coles

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