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Foreign Policy

by Julius M about a month ago in slam poetry

A short poem

I won't try to control you

I don't want you to control me

We've made an alliance true

I won't overstep a boundary

You need me to step in and help

I step in and help you be free

You say you owe me your life

I need help and you abandon me

You have everything, I have nothing

You believe you owe me nothing

I have everything, you have nothing

You believe I owe you something

I thought we could make each other better

But we agreed to terms that weren't true

And now, everything feels much worse

So I have no alliance to offer with you

We could be enemies with each other for time

That spans across countless years

What do we gain when we both keep losing

And there's only more outcomes of tears

We can just live near each other

Ignoring each other's existence

But I can see you turning allies against me

And I'm starting to build a resistance

What use is all this strategy

Trying to gain false sympathy

Avoiding all responsibility

It's just not a productive policy

There's no great nation you're proudly a part of

Its achievements are not yours to wear

And history shows so much misery and pain

You'd avoid the same mistakes if you'd care.

slam poetry
Julius M
Julius M
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