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For the Depressed Teenage Soul

by Oliver Noah Johnson about a year ago in sad poetry

A Poem

For the Depressed Teenage Soul

Life has become a big

“I don't know”

We try to cover up the unknown

With illusions of




But at the end of the day we are




We are sitting in our shell

Dreading the next day

Dreading the glance in the mirror

To witness our grotesque human flaws

Dreading human interaction

That may cause us to second guess whether or not

We are liked

We pity ourselves

The belief that we are not strong enough for life

Rings through our head

Constantly on repeat

Because we tell ourselves this over and over

We believe it

This is us

This is how we are

It's not how we have to be

Strength and success are not measured by how many

Good days you have

Because sometimes it's none

Strength is sitting on your bed

Ready to end it all

Strength is putting the blade to your skin

Strength is thinking of her and him

And how much it would kill them to see you hurt

Strength is the tears that stream from your eyes

While you debate right from wrong

Strength is telling yourself over and over

“I don't need it”

Strength is remembering how proud she is

Strength is putting the blade down

Not just for her or him

But for you

Success is pushing through all the feelings

Knowing days will be better

Success is getting older and wiser

Success is having your first child and living long enough to see them


Success is finally being happy

Feeling worthy of love and respect

Your strength build success

Never stop being strong

Never stop trying

And wait for that day when you can finally say

“I made it”

sad poetry
Oliver Noah Johnson
Oliver Noah Johnson
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