For My Darling...

by Oliver Melendez about a year ago in love poems

My One and Only

For My Darling...

Howl unto me,

praise that affection of yours.

Let me be the one,

I alone will always put you

in a pedestal,

where no one can make you a goddess.

Only I can be your servant from now until you,

mock me;

abuse me;

use me;

As I will fall madly victimized because I wanted it that way.

And this time my beloved beautiful mighty babe,

I would like to label you as my addiction,

you . . .

as my heroin.

as my poison.

No matter how much your eyes stare at my soul,

not just a putty,

I do melt all the way,

because you know me,

as much I know myself.

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Oliver Melendez
Oliver Melendez
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Oliver Melendez

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