A Collection of Human Impacts on Wildlife

Picture From Berkshire Environmental Action Team

The Ugliest Shade of Black (Oil Spills):

Black, and an ugly shade of it too

Coats my wings like the thickest kind of glue

My home was our home, a beautiful blue

You made it my grave, my beautiful tomb

My body is heavy, just like your heart

But I am still drowning, and you watch me fall apart

Metal Rules Earth (Deforestation):

Every day is a constant threat

Running from them, and running from death

Their greed takes what no one owns

Their metal turns our forest into bones

Do they know what they’re worth?

Do they know no one rules Earth?

It seems they’ve forgotten who they are

It seems they’ve forgotten we all see stars

I think we all have a place here

But they’ll never listen, they’ll never care

And all I can do on my four legs is stare

Fake Tears (Forest Fires):

Lungs filled with smoke and skin burned by fire

I pay the price when you indulge your desires

My home is gone so yours can run smooth

Who cares about me, what’s in it for you?

With each quivering breath, you grieve is what you say

And when the curtain closes, you wipe the tears away

My wounds draw an audience, who say with time I can heal

But my wounds should be messages, because this threat is real

Paper Thin (Climate Change):

Thin is my body, thinner is the ice

The world is ours, not your device

Stronger is growl from my belly than my throat

It is clear that your survival matters the most

I can no longer stand, I have become prey

Prey to the world whose attention is astray

My once strong bones are now weak and frail

The existence of us will soon be a tale

A Rigged Fight (Heightened Natural Disasters):

The wind cuts like glass, the water slams with force

Your prayers are heard, but they’ve run their course

Gasping for air while my breath abates

The hands that heal are too little, too late

I get no warning for oncoming death

Nothing’s unnatural til I’m laid to rest

The world will never see my young heart

Losing a fight that I did not start

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