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Footprints in the Sand"

Carried by Grace

By evansPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Footprints in the Sand"
Photo by Abbas Tehrani on Unsplash

Upon life's vast and shifting shore,

I walked alone, my heart unsure.

Through trials deep and burdens grand,

I found solace in the prints of sand.


With heavy steps, I journeyed on,

Each footprint etched, a story drawn.

In moments of despair and strife,

I sought guidance in the sands of life.


As storms raged fierce, and shadows grew,

I felt defeated, my strength withdrew.

But in the depths of my darkest hour,

Footprints emerged with divine power.


For in those moments of sheer despair,

When life's burdens seemed too much to bear,

A gentle presence walked by my side,

Carrying me when my strength had died.


I questioned, "Why, in my deepest pain,

Were there only one set of prints to gain?"

With weary heart and trembling soul,

I sought answers to make me whole.


A whisper carried by the ocean's breeze,

Said, "My dear child, it was then with ease,

I lifted you high and carried you through,

When your strength faltered, I carried you."


Tears fell like raindrops upon my face,

As I realized His love, His endless grace.

In every trial, in each trial endured,

His love and support had always assured.


For in those moments of darkest strife,

When I walked alone, through the storms of life,

He bore my burden, He held my hand,

Leaving footprints in the shifting sand.


Now as I walk this earthly plane,

I know His love will always remain.

With every step I take, I understand,

He walks beside me, in the sand.


And when I falter, when I lose my way,

I'll look behind, where footprints lay,

And find comfort in His guiding light,

As He leads me through the darkest night.


So let the tides of life ebb and flow,

For with Him, I'll never be alone.

In footprints left upon life's shore,

His love endures forevermore.

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