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Food for Your Brainstems

by Michael Trotto about a month ago in social commentary

A plea for action against inaction

Virus gone viral

downward spiral

skeptic's eyes roll

critical fumble on the die roll

paradiddle drumroll

soldiers up the bumhole

taking to the streets to fight against the people for some control

the people fight for justice, but they forgot their weapons

all they got are their words, so they get bowled down like ninepins--brought to silence

now they don't have their words either

bow their heads and submit quietly--Caesar's things to Caesar

but what about gods things? god's people? are they the government's also?

born into their service now we have to die at their call too?

is that what it's come to?

people striking peacefully paid off for their secrecy

not a lot of decency to spare around this police scene

gotta split obediently before we're be dealt with expediently

stuffed in unmarked vans and brought to "justice" immediately

yes, that's what it's come to

got my head doing corkscrews

but they'll all forget it after a few weeks of politics and sports news

lift the carpet up so they can just brush it right under

and we'll keep trudging on it like its just distant thunder

well it's not distant, its right here, right under our feet

and there are people dying innocently every day in the street

and there are people getting poorer while they watch the lions feast

good people getting crushed under the weight of the liars' and lawyers and priests

getting called crazy for wanting to get together and mourn their deceased

getting laughed at for thinking they can change things in the least

getting kidnapped and raped and sold back to the system

and put up in group homes or halfways or in prisons

wherever they can be kept separate to stop them from mixing

or they might accidentally make their way out of the pits, when

their despondency is is the foundation on which this country sits

come together, unite,

its not a fair fight ahead of us

whether brown, black or white, born wealthy or among ghetto dust

if you aren't blind to the hate that holds us in place and suppresses us

have sympathy and help us rise up from this precipice

its the ones at the top that need educating, unlike the rest of us

who have been indoctrinated in the ways of hate since our parents conceived of us

we have to help them to see through the deception that pleases them

the "equal opportunity" deflections they feed on through their brain stems

through the white-centered education system that trains them

they tout the Civil Rights movement as blacks winning equality

the right to vote, to go to school, to get jobs--does that end poverty?

does that end racism? Does that reverse history?

blatant abuse, murder, lies and trickery

they just want to keep you in the public's periphery

keep the main focus on their own progress and victories

they hate being reminded of the crimes they've committed to stay ahead

the blood they've shed to set up the infrastructure that sustains them

the war on drugs, the profiling, the back door deals that made them

made men--

how dare we speak up and blame them?

how dare the falsely imprisoned test the chains that constrain them?

how dare they feel mistreated by the country that enslaved countless men

and women and sold their children and then paid them back with lynchings for any who disobeyed them

yes, this country fucked Black America

suck that through your brain stem


they call it a riot when we take to the streets--our streets where they put us--

and they make it sound like some caged beasts broke free, "hopped up" on weed and full of bloodlust

a bunch of dangerous freaks, filling their city, unthankful hoodlums

why don't they go get jobs? Well, why don't you pay us more so we can afford to?

and your business can get good publicity for its inclusion award too

we speak truths

trying to educate the masses

and the ones with wealth that just don't know of the infractions

that have been committed against us

and we're gaining traction

but they know they're in trouble so they are getting more crafty

like no mass gatherings unless you have injected their vaccine

we know its your body, but you have to take this from us without asking

so many motions moving through congress, we all need Dramamine

because its making me sick that action still remains to be seen

they leave us no other choice, we gotta get it done ourselves

band together so our voices are loud enough to hear over the bells and whistles

and rubber bullet guns, and tear gas grenades and officials

on megaphones trying to control the masses, dismissals

being poured on us--trying to control the spread of knowledge before it bites them in their asses

their white washed cozy world is about to be shattered

Black lives matter.

social commentary

Michael Trotto

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Michael Trotto
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