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What Will You Do With My Focus


What will you do with my focus? 

Will you submit to my focus?

Intense and passionate?

Will you allow your entire being to lavish in my focus?

Giving me YOU in return?

In my warmth, will you breathe deeply, relaxing in comfort?

Will you exhale in anticipation of my focus?

Will your mouth water when feeling our lips brush together?

By this point, will our hearts be beating in synchrony?

Will our movements be smooth?

Will our kisses be fluid?

Will our hearts become rhythmic?. 

Will our breathing become heavy?

On the wall, will our shadows show only one?

Will there be no you, no me, only us?

Will the walls grow envious of our shadow and ask daylight to arrive?

The room, will it become thick with the scent of us? 

Will the sheets be drenched with the sweat of our passions?

The sheets, will they unfold as we dance the lovers dance?

Will the air become lush with ecstasy, as we inhale satisfaction?

Your mind, body and soul, every ounce of you exhaling peace?

Will we lay skin to skin, our energy exposed? Will your mind be free?

Will my spirit be elated?

Will our bodies become sensitive?

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Teri Moore
Teri Moore
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