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Fly with me into eternity

by Bahora Saitova 8 months ago in love poems
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A poem

Fly with me into eternity
Photo by Scott Higdon on Unsplash

Come dance with me in the infinite immensity

Let us meet in those meadows where we’re free

Let us embrace each other without inhibition

Shedding our masks to reveal our authentic selves

Without fear or awkwardness

Let us love and share our passion

Let us laugh and dance out of pure joy

Let us show our true emotions

Let us be what we were meant to be

Let us die in ecstasy

For we were born free

And we shall die free

Our souls shall never be chained to this realm

Yet our minds are clouded to the reality

Blinded by the illusory ephemerality

Let us then escape from this prison

Let us run towards liberty

Let us meet at the end of the rainbow

Where the sun melts into the ocean

Where the moon meets the earth

Let the stars be witness to our union

Let the wind carry our flight into eternity

Let us explode like a thousand fires

Illuminating the sky in colors of black and gold

As we finally break free

From the shackles of this smothering society


Thank you for reading!

Bahora Saitova

love poems

About the author

Bahora Saitova

Dreamer. Writer. Sees the magic of life through stories and words.

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