Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

An appreciation of the unusual and late blooming flower.

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere
Flower love

As her tender leaves

danced in the breeze.

They said,

“Another weed.”

Refusing to rush

She slowly rooted herself,

using their doubts as mulch.

Shocked to behold

what they never imagined;

She was a flower.

They gazed upon

this guest in their garden,

Finally perceiving

What was shrouded

By blindness and hearts hardened.

Every morning she sent a fragrance,

beautiful beyond measure.

But they wouldn’t return her love,

for her color brought them no pleasure.

Still, the skies opened up,

sent rain and shined the sun.

The flower thrived.

For nothing could stop

what she would become.

Sara Devine
Sara Devine
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Sara Devine
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