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Just within reach

His heart calls out to me

And I’m running so freely

My hand outstretched

Trying to seize moments and more time

He does his best

Never before has my heart ached

Without the presence of an essence

While I try to play it cool, I can’t

While I try to find the right words, I rant

While I try to grow far away, I plant

Because he scrambles my world as his girl

He reins the small corners of my deep

He’s been watching me

Those gentle brown eyes waited, never stated

I never knew he was there

But now he sees me so clearly and I see him

He fed me with his kindness, his patience and set my fears into overdrive, oh I was ready to run because I had never felt the sun like this before, there was only darkness before, and I cried and cried as my heart and my head fought epic battles for hours

He brought me flowers

And somehow that hurt more than it healed

Because I’ve always been concealed

But he shouts to the world

I’m his girl

And my lesson is to learn

Even if we are to burn is that

love is possible


And I say this cautiously because love like this doesn’t last forever, but however long I have to stand in the sun with him, I’ll take it and how he feeds my soul, I’ll make it and it’s been so long that I could write like this, fight like this, I wait for his kiss and I’m anxious and I like holding his hand as we drive,

I promise I’ll keep us alive

Hold my hand, my love

You’re within my reach

My heart calls out to you

And I’m walking so carefree

Our fingers laced

Trying to seize more moments and more time

We do our best.

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Melanie Ernestina
Melanie Ernestina
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Melanie Ernestina

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