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Getting by with someone by your side can feel like floating along.


Hope swims in

With all the sin

I followed the pleasures

Found out I don’t need them


Inside my head I was alive

Just a loon with no task

You took me away


My mouth was a fat tongue

with lies like daggers

Then I woke up

And felt the happiness


With you in a stride

By my side

I felt new and alive

It’s OK

I’m coming around


This feeling makes me wonder

While you ponder

It freaks me somewhat

It takes me away


I wanted something new

And you flew into my world

Yes, it’s true, now I love you


Life was a downer

Until your smiles uplifted me

My life is now a bonus


I always ask

If you were meant to be

For me


Do you feel it?

Feel what I have to offer

I hope you forever float along

By my side

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Bazooka Teaches
Bazooka Teaches
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