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Flavour of You

by Matteo Pierobon about a year ago in sad poetry
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March 18th

Flavour of You
Photo by Zoe Holling on Unsplash

You remember that time,

when we were going,

coming back to our land.

You picked up a soap,

don't know for what,

but you showed me and said,

that it was so good.

Years have passed by,

you and me flew far,

but today sitting down,

I tought to me,

if it was only a dream.

And thinking down,

looking up I saw a bottle alone,

with no letters nor notes,

I sniffed it and tought,

that it was true.

The flavour was still on,

and you were right for what it was,

but I don't even think about,

because to me,

for how it good it may be,

one thing only I feel,

and that's the flavour of you.

sad poetry

About the author

Matteo Pierobon

Just a man in a mission.

Studying nuclear aerospace applications by day,

dreaming in the arts by night,

living in a contrast between me, my dreams and my destiny

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