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Flatter Truth

Consider The Source

By Isaac Haldeman Published 10 months ago Updated 9 months ago 1 min read

stare are me

tell me truths

flattery never flies

intentions exposed remove disguise

dressed up words can close the distance

gun shy, I choose resistance

funny how

encouragement can sound like bullshit

even from the pulpit

check the source

could be gold

could be lame which would be a shame

say what you want

i’ll ask why

to weigh the words

to find the lies

a truth deceiver

often hides

but why?

you can’t flatter truth

it, like dropped crystal, will shatter

stare at me

tell me lies

my fragile ego

won’t deny

buttery praises

inauthentic phrases

you got close

but no cigar

i learned a lot from before

oh my back has the scar

a truth believer

wouldn’t dare

they’ll stab you in the heart

eye contact never spared

now go back to the start


social commentary

About the Creator

Isaac Haldeman


I try and try.

I enjoy stories and attempting to tell them.

I’m a rich father before I am a poor artist.


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