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"Flakes to Fakes"

by Thavien Yliaster 5 months ago in sad poetry · updated 5 months ago
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What are you left holding?

"Flakes" turn to "Fakes," leaving you to hold the "L."

Poetry's a Passion Art, it's something I do well

But now there's something on my heart that's giving me some hell

I can't believe from Grace uplifted is somewhere that I fell

Flakes turn to Fakes, leaving you to hold the "L"


I wish I could just checkout and simply walk away

But that'd be dishonest, so there's something I got to say

You put me on the backburner wanting me to stay

I should've left and recognized all the little games you play


I knew I seen it coming so that fault is truly mine

Yet I tried and struggled to not get left behind

Since I saw it coming I can't say that I was blind

You can't undo the hurt and pain, that time you can't rewind


Now I know my own true faults

Since I'm left here with this salt

Since you made this ice barrier, our friendship's now on halt

But my heart's upon my sleeve, it's never in a vault


It's time for me to go, pack my bags and leave

Since I knew there was nothing from me that could make you feel so pleased

I'm tired of your icy heart putting me on freeze

My heart is warms, it's always beating, that you'll never seize


You don't wanna talk? Nothing's been addressed.

Stop making promises you won't keep, I refuse to be repressed

Moving forward, doing justice, I'll have myself expressed

I'll heal myself and do what's best so I don't get depressed


I'm tired of you making those promises you break

Every time we'd agree to meet, you'd go ahead and flake

Even when we reached out hands, confirming with a shake

Now I see your true colors, since your first ones turned out fake


I can breathe freely now, instead of submerged deep in a lake

I'll take lessons from this to avoid future mistakes

Of your toxic playing ways, I will not partake

We used to be such good friends, now my chest hurts with this heartache


People like you have made me self-alert

People such as you have narratives to exert

You want people tripping just for you, obsessed with you, so you convert

Those wanting to be your friends into lackeys, I hope you get your just desserts


I get you've been hurt in the past

But your friendships should last

Instead you go in them fast

And burn out like a comet streaking across the sky which is vast


If only I knew what you had to intend

Even now with all of this energy I expend

On you, no more of my time and life I will spend

But I know that I just cannot pretend

That's its all at an end

Since, on one another we would never depend

Now as I move on, to Grace I ascend

I'm still thankful for the time that you were my friend

By Pierre Bamin on Unsplash

sad poetry

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Thavien Yliaster

Thank You for stopping by. Please, make yourself comfortable. I'm a novice poet, fiction writer, and dream journalist.



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