Fixing You with Time

by Crissy DXCII 12 months ago in sad poetry

Time Travel

Fixing You with Time

I wish it were possible to delete you.

Along with these disgraceful memories.

I should of never entertained your disrespect the first time.

I just wanna go back in time.

Define this chaos before it became the ruins I now lay in.

My days are now ruined by every second you speak to me.

It's not fair that you get to mess up so often.

Why did you do it the first time?

I'm pressing reset this time.

You won't be the king to this mind anymore.

You are completely eliminated.

I get to be the me I was before.

And when you read this it will be too late.

You will never remember we had dated.

Why didn't I do it the first time?

Now I can be at peace.

No missing you.

No memory of anything bad you've ever done.

Maybe this is the best solution for my dreams to come through.

I got it right this time.

No more storms within the rainfall.

No more clouds to block our sun.

I hope this is the last time I have to mess with the timeline.

No more time travelling to fix you.

Don't want to waste the little I have travelling.

sad poetry
Crissy DXCII
Crissy DXCII
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