First Moon

by Don Lax 3 months ago in inspirational


This moon may be the first

Or last you ever see and her mystery

Remains the same – a doorway into beauty.

When we open to the golden light reflected by the silver

A million miracles of possibility oscillate within us

Gathering energy for creativity through love

Emanating in radiance from our hearts.

I’m dancing naked to the night sky

Offering my eyes and soul, skin and body

To the magic of this music that has pulled me out

Into the brilliance of the luminous presence of compassion

Pouring down like the touch of a gentle goddess of infinite mercy.

Here is the song of our intrinsic innocence giving us guidance

When we imagine we may be lost in the dark she rises

Over the mountain and the ocean responds

With reflections in waves of wonder

That we might see the perfection

Of our own divinity.

d. 1.9.2020

Don Lax
Don Lax
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Don Lax
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