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Fire Meets Fate

Fire Meets Fate

By Leah DeweyPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Fire Meets Fate
Photo by Wesley Balten on Unsplash

You set off a dream in me

A light in the darkness

I've seen the love in your lion eyes

Ever shifting, changing

You woke me up inside

Reigniting the fire I thought had died

You looked at me with those eyes

Loving and longing

I knew that you meant it

You looked at me with the small darkness you carry

(It barely shows behind your light)

Anger, confusion, resistance

I should be better, I should know better

Yet my cheeks are still stained with burnt tears

You are the fate to my flame

Even if I never see taht love in your eyes again

You are my fate

Even if I'm not yours

I'll wait until the end of days

There's nothing else for me to do

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About the Creator

Leah Dewey

I am a novelist with a Masters in Forensic Psychology. I have experience writing in many formats. Follow me down into the dark corners of imagination. Experience thrills & chills through poetry & short stories.

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    Leah DeweyWritten by Leah Dewey

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