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Fine Alone

by Trish Marie Respalie 2 months ago in sad poetry

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Fine Alone
Photo by Austin Mabe on Unsplash

Sometimes I think maybe I’m not so strong. Sometimes it feels like everything is wrong. Why am I so naïve? Why's my heart always on my sleeve? I pick myself apart Like it’s a form of art. It’s no wonder I keep giving my all Only to shatter & fall. Maybe when push comes to shove I’m just impossible to love. I seem destined to be alone, True love never to be known. Maybe it’s for the best, If I lay my heart to rest. I don’t need the pain Of always drowning in the rain. I shall cage my heart behind a wall, Melt the key & build it tall. No one's getting in or out, Make sure no one sees me pout. Goodbye forever to my once future dream, I’ll be fine alone you’ll see.

sad poetry

Trish Marie Respalie

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