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Finding Inspiration in Life's Simplicities

by Cally Trandell about a month ago in nature poetry
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A Sunset to Remember

Photograph taken by author at Mugu Rock, California

Every single time I drive out to the coast to watch the sunset, my heart still skips a beat. I could watch the same sunset every night and still be mystified by its beauty.

That's the exciting thing about sunsets. In my eyes, each one is like a unique snowflake. Each night the different cloud formations act as a perfectly hand-crafted canvas for the sun's illuminating rays. Maybe there are no clouds in sight, and all you see is this perfectly round glowing ball that powers the universe. Or perhaps there are so many clouds in the sky that they block out the sun's existence and all that is left are the beautiful subtle colors reflected from her departure. No matter the conditions, each sunset is magic.

But it's not just the sunset. It's the atmosphere all around that really sets the tone for the end to a perfect day. As the ocean waves roll in, crashing against the rocks below, an odd sound echoes in the distance, resembling the crackle of thunder before a storm. Only there is no storm in sight.

Instead, the storm in question are rocks below tumbling down on one another after the sheer force of a wave has ejected them up out of the water. As the waves recede, the stones begin their descent down, back into their rightful place. With each wave, this phenomenon happens over and over, producing this storm-like audio loop without the rain or lightning; It is magical.

As the sun makes her decent and the ocean waves crash against the rocks, five cranes appear, gracefully soaring across smooth ocean water. These birds majestically move in a way that could only be described as a meticulously choreographed dance. All of them in perfect formation, moving with simplistic grace and beauty. Swaying with the ocean, searching for their next meal.

Soon the cranes disappear just as quickly as they had appeared, and in their place comes a family of dolphins. Instantly I am like a giddy toddler jumping around and waiting in anticipation for the next dolphin to reveal itself right in front of me. It's like a game, continually scanning the ocean and figuring out where and when a dolphin will jump next. The whole experience made my heart happier than it has been in a while.

The wonders of the ocean simply captivate me as I watch the dolphins playing and the sun waves goodbye in the background. I quietly sit and take in the bustling ocean life and painted sky above until the sun's rays no longer illuminate the ocean, and the stars populate the night sky.

I have seen many ocean sunsets, but this one was different. Inspiring. You can find your inspiration in the simplest of things each day if you just take time to appreciate all of life's beauty.

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Cally Trandell

Creative, chronically ill, adventurous yet anxious human being striving to make her dreams come true every single day. One of my dreams is to change the world for the better with my words while inspiring others to live their wildest dreams.

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