Finding Hope

There is always hope

Finding Hope

Finding Hope

When the world pulls you down

to the deepest depths

in the darkest places,

reach for the light.

Even in the farthest reaches

there is light to be found

and joy to be had.

Deep in your heart

when you’ve lost all faith,

you will find the fire

that keeps hope alive.

Fight with every breath you take

to reach the surface

and feel the sun on your face.

The pieces of the puzzle

will fall into place

so you can touch the sky

and restore hope in your life.

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Tiffani Metzger
Tiffani Metzger
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Tiffani Metzger

I live in California and I am disabled. I have a number of medical conditions and family issues. The things that always help me get through everything are the different crafts that I do, writing, and the rest of my family.

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