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Finding Hope in Tough Times

The Journey Continues: Moving Forward with Courage and Determination

By AJ DigitalPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

When things get too heavy

And life seems so tough

When your mind feels unsteady

And the road is rough

Remember that you're not alone

And this too shall pass

The pain that you've known

Will not always last

Look up to the sky

And let the stars guide you

Their twinkling light can imply

That hope and love are true

Take a deep breath

And let your worries go

Release the fear and death

And let your spirit glow

For in every challenge faced

There is an opportunity

To embrace and be graced

With growth and unity

So when things get too heavy

And the weight seems too much

Just hold on steady

And know that you're enough.

performance poetry

About the Creator

AJ Digital

I have recently joined the Vocal community and have a passion for writing stories. I aim to express my thoughts and ideas through storytelling on the Vocal platform. As a newcomer, I am eager to share my creations with the world.

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