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by Karen L Griffin about a year ago in inspirational

Of a painter of the sea

When I am old,

a fragile yet strong old lady,

I want to live by the sea:

pearly hair lifting in the salt wind,

I shall watch the birds and dream of flying,

I shall paint the water and sky,

each day a fresh palette.

I shall feel my watery body

attuned to the moon and waves

and live in a cheap trailer

with two cats

and seashells lining my windowsills.

My spirit shall burn at night

like the myriad stars,

like the ancient stars, filled

With knowledge and mystery.

I shall be free.

And if the day comes

when gnarled feet, when trembling limbs

Can no longer reach the sand,

Dress me all in gauzy white

and carry me in a litter to the foam-drenched edge

and let the waves, encroaching gently,

waft me adrift and then down

as the Moon Goddess smiles.

Give my paintings to my godchildren,

let the colors

suffuse bright young eyes

with the love of the sea.

In this way, and in your way,

remember me.


Karen L Griffin

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Karen L Griffin
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