Final Notice

Nearing the End of Me

Final Notice

How come when I leave the room it feels like you sayin somethin, am I just paranoid or goin crazy?

My mind stay racing, I can't take it

Why is another day the main thing I keep dreading?

I drop riddles an leave em open for interpretation.

How do I vent when I understand but can't explain me, I made peace with silence cuz my thoughts make you hard of hearing.

I keep my eyes and ears open cuz ain't nobody trusted, an I keep suspicion on the smiles cuz people always bluffin. Finally found my number one but gotta keep it shaded, how can I accept her love if I don't deserve it.

I don't need ya cold shoulder I'm already shakin, from all these lonely nights and failed communication, all I wanted from my family was to feel accepted, but in the end we parted ways now I can't hug my daddy.

I'm not suicidal I'm just sick of waking, I'm on my last leg an done been tired of standing, when will I be released from this empty presence, feels like my days are numbered, that's my biggest blessing.

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Bubba J Krunkk

I live as a passenger to my own mentality, I find that writing and shareing about the war within myself keeps me going. 

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