Fighting With Myself: The Healing Power of Poetry

A book, by me.

Fighting With Myself: The Healing Power of Poetry

I am going to do a little bit of self-promotion here in order to share with you this book of poetry I published and explain a little bit about why I write poetry, and why you should too (even if you don’t think you’re a poet or you don’t think you’re a good writer). Poetry is an amazing way to let go, to meditate, and to heal (hence the name of my book).

Fighting With Myself is not the first poetry book I have ever published, but it is the most meaningful book I have ever put out into the world. It took a lot of courage to put these words out where people can read them. You see, I use poetry as a way to deal with my inner (and sometimes outer) demons. That means that often my poetry is extremely personal. I write poetry that is fun and fantasy, fictional stuff and stuff that is scary, but the poetry in this book is basically my life story, my diary of words out there for anyone to read. And it is out there.

Not only is my book available online, but it is also available locally at Pickled Treasures, a little handmade gift shop, and The Shop at the Urban Institute of Contemporary Arts. Both of these places are located in Grand Rapids, where I live. But you can also pick up a copy at Crazy Wisdom Bookstore in Ann Arbor. Since my book is available to order wholesale through Ingram you could go into any bookstore and request it

Why I Write Poetry, And Why You Should Too

Poetry is an excellent way to express your feelings. That’s why you can find poetry in greeting cards, that’s why men write poems to their girlfriends, that’s why many songs begin as poems, and that’s why poetry has hung around all these centuries. There are many types of poems, but when it comes to using “the healing power of poetry,” it doesn’t matter if you write an epic poem or a haiku, it’s about what makes you feel better.

Just start writing things down. Poems don’t have to rhyme (if you do pick up a copy of my book you’ll find that some do and some don’t in my writing). They don’t even have to make sense to anyone but you. Write down your feelings, make it about the stream of thought, and just get what you’re thinking and feeling put into words on paper (or on your computer screen). You don’t ever have to publish your words, although you can. The site you’re reading this on right now is an excellent outlet for sharing your poetry if you have something to say that you want to share. Or, you can start an online journal or blog where you share your poetry. If you want to publish an entire book, like I did, you can use sites like Createspace, Ingram, and Lulu.

The one downfall of writing your feelings into poetry and sharing it with people is that they aren’t all always going to like what you have to say. Some people may accuse you of being negative or complaining about life. Some may get upset because they think a poem is about them or because one is actually about them. This can happen with any kind of writing though and you need to just be confident in your words.

My Poems

I will never stop writing poetry. I have been writing poems since I was old enough to write. In case you have an interest in my book of poetry, here is one of the poems. Please, let it inspire you to write some poetry too!

I Hate Depression

When those voices in your head

Change from a whisper to a scream

And you can no longer ignore them.

You start to only dream

That things could ever get better.

It doesn't matter how good it is,

How good it was,

How good it could be,

Things can always end, die, go bad...

And they always will, won't they?


It inhales and exhales

Then chokes off the breath

It strangles and curses

And bleeds you to death

It piles boulders on top

It starts fires below

You'll be kicking and screaming

But it won't let you go

For a moment the sun shines

And you start to feel free

Then it blinds you and binds you

And you know it will never leave.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop

Or maybe I'll throw it at myself.

I make these things happen.

I am the common thread.

Sometimes I wish I was dead.

Doesn't everyone?

This life weighs a ton,

And I'm tired of carrying it on my shoulders.

I'll never stop getting older,

Until it's all over.

But depression,

It never ends.

It takes away your breath

It breaks and it bends.

It makes you curse and cower

Until you fear everything

Your own shadow will make you scream

And you try to hide

The whole time screaming inside

Knowing it will never let you go


For a moment the sun shines

And you start to feel free

But it finds you

And then blinds you and binds you

And you know it will never leave.

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