Fifty and Fabulous

by Joyce Dowridge about a year ago in inspirational

How I felt at 50

Fifty and Fabulous

When I say fifty & fabulous, what do I mean?

Am I saying, "Yes, take a good look at this queen?"

Am I saying, "No, I don't look my age?"

Shoot, looking at me you can't even gauge

Am I saying I'm as young as I feel?

And yes, I know all about sex appeal

Am I as active as I would like to be?

Let me ask you this, what do those 29 year old men see?

For me, my children are grown

But I don't worry about being alone

Life has taught me it's truly what I make it

I am not going to sit around with a needle and knit

Along with this age wisdom should come

Do you understand where I'm coming from?

Why let stress and worry get me down?

Why walk around with a frown?

I'm putting a big smile on my face

Going shopping and buy me some lace

I have stopped thinking hard and is being incredulous

Cause I'm just going to keep on being fifty and fabulous

Joyce Dowridge
Joyce Dowridge
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Joyce Dowridge
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