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Fiery Love

by Raven Diamond 9 days ago in love poems

A short poem

Her love is fire

A scorching kiss

that burned my breath

A burning touch

that melts my soul

A passion

that seared its mark on my heart

I fanned the flames

And let it engulf my mind

Her love was fire

Backstory: I wanted to try my hand at a more erotic poem, but I also wanted to have it embody fire some how (just a whim). To be honest this poem took way longer to write than I originally anticipated (writer's block is so much fun), but I eventually got it done and it was well received by a few of my friends. Though one said it was too tame granted that same one also reads a lot of erotica, so a simple poem is probably child's play for them. I can kinda see their point because it talks more of the passion of love and not anything too risky. Still this was one of my first attempts. Everyone has to start somewhere.

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Raven Diamond

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Raven Diamond
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