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A Poem About Fiction.

By Linda MarryPublished 8 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Nadir sYzYgY on Unsplash

Fiction, a world of imagination,

A realm of dreams and creation.

A place where anything is possible,

Where heroes rise and villains fall.

It's a journey of mystery and adventure,

Of love and loss, of joy and treasure.

A tale of magic, and far-off lands,

Where dragons breathe, and magic wands.

For fiction is not just a story to be told,

But a tale to be spun, with heart and soul.

It's the art of creating worlds so real,

That you can feel, the characters' every thrill.

So let us embrace the power of fiction,

The imagination, the inspiration.

For fiction is a gift, a window to the mind,

A glimpse of beauty, that we can all find.

fact or fiction

About the Creator

Linda Marry

Love Poems (fiction :)

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