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Feeling pleasures of life

by Arbab about a month ago in nature poetry
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A poem about feelings

Feeling pleasures of life
Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

The side, that splatters warm caramel into black coffee, makes chaotic patterns,

watches them swirl sensuously, winding long tails around the silver spoon dangling just out of reach;

Seeing pleasurably that endures brightness to the life and spread it sprinkles in the surrounding world.

The side that deeply inhales freshly unfolded jasmines, revealing the heady feeling of aromas on the tongue;

Nature's entire symphony of blending sounds performs a concerto on sickened keys.

The half components that miss you and return to feed the decadence oozing through the fissure, of living sensory pleasures, with pleasure as the ultimate good.

nature poetry

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I am a writer. https://linktr.ee/ArbabZ

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