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Feeling Lost

Finding a way

By Greene BrookPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

I can't put into words what I feel,

but I feel things to the depth of my soul,

It feels like an extra weight is hanging off my chest,

It feels like unfulfilled promises, unrequited affection,

frustrations and regrets of the past and present,

I can literally feel the bitter taste in my mouth,

I desperately wish to wash it off, but it's like

an imprint on my essence,

Sometimes I feel like dipping my head in a tub of ice,

Just to completely get rid of the fog and cobwebs in my mind,

I feel like flying over the vast expanse of the skyline,

And look down to see what got people so busy that,

They fail to see the signs, that they are in a rat race,

As I imagine my flight of freedom, I can feel the warm rays of the sun,

On my cheeks, the breeze in my hair, oh what a feeling!

Suddenly, I am falling and flailing my arms, I am about to crash,

But I am firmly seated on my chair writing this, hoping that tomorrow will

be better, one can only hope.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Greene Brook

Introvert who prefers to experience her world through the written word.

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