It's amazing how the human mind works.One day, you're okay. You're hanging out with friends.Actually enjoying yourself.

The next, you're in bed. Crying to yourself. Loud or quiet.Depends if you're alone or not.

It can hit you out of nowhere, honestly.Time doesn't matter.

You begin to feel that familiar ache in your chest.A burning sensation runs through all your body.You feel dizzy, like you want to throw up.

You want to stop the feeling. And you try your hardest to make it stop.But... you're just not sure how.

People claim to understand."I have sad days too." "I felt that way some years ago, once."But they don't seem to comprehend the severity of the problem."Go for a walk." "Eat healthier." "Just Ignore it.""IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD."No matter what they say.They don't truly get what it is you're feeling.

So you do what you do best.Internalize everything until you're alone.Then you let yourself slip into an episode.Until you feel so numb.Dead.DULL.You put a fake smile on your face.And the cycle repeats all over again.

It's amazing how the human mind works.

sad poetry
Clarissa Ramirez
Clarissa Ramirez
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Clarissa Ramirez

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