Fear (Make It Home)

by D'anna Aaron 9 months ago in sad poetry

Love yours

Fear (Make It Home)

I might not make it home from the candy house

All these colors clouding my reality

I stay running from fear

Will I make it in time

Will I arrive in one peace

Full of anxiety no one seeing me

Tell me who I need to be

If my reputation would miss me

What they see from me

Or what these people need from me

Damn I fear missing out on life

fear of losing creativity

fear of missing out on you and me

I'm talkin' fear

fear of losin' loyalty from the ones I love

fear that my humbleness is gone

fear that love ain't living here no more

I'm talkin' fear

fear that it's wickedness or weakness

Fear what happens on Earth stays on Earth

And I can't take these feelings

With me so hopefully they disperse

sad poetry
D'anna Aaron
D'anna Aaron
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