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Fat Girl

by Angela Derscha 18 days ago in inspirational

Life ain’t easy being chubby.

Fat Girl
Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

This poem means a lot to me struggling with my size for the majority of my life. I just wanted to touch bases with those of us a bit on the heftier side of life. This piece serves as a dual love/hate relationship with one’s body image. Please enjoy!

Hey little Fat Girl!

Short and stout

Why don’t you just cry and pout?

Always eating, never full

Too stubborn to change, just like a bull.

Chubby cheeks and thick thighs

Please stop staring and look me in the eyes!

Why don’t you lose weight; try this diet

I promise you it works, just try it!

Nothing fits, greasy zits

I hate me.

If only I could have one wish

It would to be happy.

Boys ignore, girls roared.

All these rules I have to abide,

I’m better off hiding the real me on the inside.

Take your time, I am here.

It’s hard for me to just up and disappear.

Angela Derscha
Angela Derscha
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Angela Derscha

Twitter @angied7592. Long time lover of literature. Obsessed with adorable animals and coffee I spend my days playing video games with my brother and fiancee. My favorite genres are horror/ psychological thrillers and romance.

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