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Farmers Run The World

by Gal Mux about a year ago in nature poetry
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A poem

Farmers Run The World
Photo by Ramadhani Rafid on Unsplash

There is a mother’s day, a father’s day, Christmas day, thanksgiving day, labour day, independence day, fools day, and no farmers day.

Yet all these would not exist or be celebrated and enjoyed in their totalities without farmers, their efforts and their produce.

Without farmers there wouldn’t be food. And without food, we all wouldn’t exist.

Farmers run the world.

They furnish us with the fuel that keeps our systems running.

Its sad that the people that hold the structure of society, the ones that moil and toil to provide the energy that keeps everything running are considered low life, dirty, unlearned, unsophisticated and poor.

Did you know that farmers were core in the development of counting? To keep track of their harvests in ancient Mesopotamia, the people developed a tallying system that evolved to the counting system we use today.

Farmers run the world

Farmers teach us so much and there is so much that we can borrow from them.

The faith of a farmer when they put their valuable seeds on the ground hopeful that the skies will open and their plants will sprout, grow and be fruitful.

The patience of a farmer where they tender to their crops while waiting for months and months and years even for them to bear fruits.

The zeal and desire to want to nurture something, to build and multiply it just like farmers have with their crops.

The love for nature and finding contentment in taking care of it just like farmers do.

Farmers run the world.

Let us raise our children the way farmers raise their crops.

They don’t pull them, shake them and scold them. They don’t nag them or insult them. They don’t coerce them.

Instead, they create an enabling environment for them to thrive.

They plant good seeds and in good soils, they monitor the rains and water their plants when the rains fail.

They add manure or fertiliser to help their crops to grow. They keep weeds away to avoid unnecessary competition for nutrients and to keep pests away.

They protect them from strong winds, from people and animals that would destroy them. They add physical support where needed.

They monitor their progress from day to day and keep up on the best practices to help them grow the best crops.

They carefully harvest them and store them away from other pests and they share them with other people so that they may enjoy and get nourished by the wonderful fruits of their hard labour.

Farmers run the world.

I read a quote that I instantly loved.

“My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, and a preacher, but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer.” — Brenda Schoepp

Of all the people that should be celebrated, farmers should be number one.

Because farmers, truly run the world.

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About the author

Gal Mux

Lover of all things reading and writing, mango 🥭

and pineapple 🍍salsas, strawberry and vanilla ice cream, MJ, and Beyoncé.

Nothing you learn is ever wasted. So learn everything you can.

Reach: [email protected]

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