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Fanny's Funny Frog Friend

A Frolicsome Poem of Fanciful Friendship

By R.FreyaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Fanny's Funny Frog Friend
Photo by Foad Roshan on Unsplash

Fanny found a funny frog

Frolicking near a foggy bog

Fancying herself a friend

Fanny followed the frog to the end

Farther into the fog they strayed

Fumbling through the misty shade

Froggy's hops grew more erratic

Fanny feared a problem, problematic

Finally, they reached a field

Full of flowers, fruits, and yield

Froggy, famished, began to eat

Fanny, too, found a fruity treat

Feasting together, they frolicked more

Fanning the flowers, feeling grandeur

Froggy, fond of his new friend

Facilitated Fanny's fairyland trend

Fanny, frothy with joy and fun

Felt free to frolic with everyone

Frogs, fairies, and furry friends

Forevermore, she'll have no ends.

nature poetry

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Poetry is my soul's language, and I wield words like a paintbrush. From heartbreak to hope, I capture emotions and spin them into verse.

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