closer than a friend

Christopher Clinton

Family is a concept most people know

But what about the family that are not your own

I'm talking about family not from your mother

But family that will ride for you, like a sister or brother

Family is not always your kin

What about the person who you call your friend

Who was always there when your were down and out

What about the homie you are always helping out

They got your back and down for whatever without a doubt

This is the type of family that i am talking bout

The type of folks that are there when you are ill

The type of folks who you always invite to your crib to chill

The type of family that come drink all your brew

The type of family that borrow your clothes and shoes

Sometimes we mistakenly call them our friends

But the relationship is way past where friendship ends

To the point where you love, but sometimes can't stand each other

The type of person is closer than a sister or brother

This is the type of family that I am talking about

The type of people you cannot do without

You see no distinction between a sibling and a friend

This is the kind of friendship you never want to end

If you have a friend that you consider family

Then, this is the best place that you want them to be.

christopher clinton
christopher clinton
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christopher clinton

My name is Christopher Clinton and I’m from Columbia SC. I moved to Washington DC a few years ago so that I could start anew life. I have a 10 year old son and I love to create music and write poetry.

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