Fallen Angel

by Ruben Gonzales 2 months ago in sad poetry

Broken Wings

Fallen Angel

As I opened my eyes I began to fall

In slow motion I began to stall, as If these lessons weren't broken

Black wings barely attached with the feathers off like broken handled bars, my heart had soaked in

Left reasons from reality like a suicide when the letter wrote, all has been spoken

Couldn't treasure the memories they remained locked within, so life played distortions

Played its part up to bat with a smile that faked emotions

Too ill to speak and too hurt to speak, the only truth was was a cracked foundation

Lost in despair of what he couldn't bear the weight of chains was a reflected mirror

The sounds of pain are like a simple flute that rings with calamity as it bathes in distant fumes

sad poetry
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Ruben Gonzales

I write for poetry, for life, to take one's understanding so much deeper then that they know of. I tell the stories with a meaning thats beyond with a feeling that will pull you in.

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