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Fall Whispers

Talk to fairies

By Amy ChristiePublished 2 months ago 1 min read

I hear the leaves

tapping my window,

sun wakes up

from moonshine,

it's time to find new dreams,

share smiles,

see flowers bloom,

then weep,

touch crunchy petals

turned to dust,

follow a trail of color

back to your heart and mine,

into the amber glow

that never left the season

or this garden.


Fall doesn't rest while summer shines,

it talks to fairies,

readies purple

to weave a lace of yearning

trying to listen

to another story,

the one that sets heart peace

in loving grace,

away from thunder,

summer storms,

no hail comes down

on autumn afternoons.


Having a cup of tea with life

taught soul to smile once more

beyond hard times,

moments that froze


and the hope

that all could be well

one more time.


Autumn brings back my candle

it glimmers when I'm lost,

I know not where to go,

I will stay here with leaves

ready to fly,

at home

in orange colors.


If life is measured in each second,

I tread on leaves

or love the flowers,

I will not mind flying once more

if I have loved,

been cherished

for myself.


Closed doors can't stop

a happy thought,

lost hearts were never mine

to keep,

I hold my peace,

I give this smile

to never-ending

gentle autumn.


The road that weaves

my sighs and laughter,

a way to come back

and dream on,

fall is my friend,

kaleidoscope of flowers,

each leaf sings a forgotten smile,

now I can find the will to try

just one more time,

autumn will not forget me,

fate remembers my name

none stole my worth

or sorrow,

none can prevent

happiness coming by



I hold hands with my fall,

I live inside this sunset

no other world

can give me diamonds,

the ones that I adore

on rainy afternoons

in fall.


© 2022 Amy Christie

Originally published on NewsBreak

Photo credit: Pexels

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About the Creator

Amy Christie

Passionate writer and journalist, striving to create meaningful connections.

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