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because something like this could be believable

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

it was reported earlier today

that 45

has decided

to address and create a new day

he tweeted about Tuesday,

but we think he really meant today

wait, correction,

he said it was a typo and he meant to say Introducing twos-day (hold up number two) that’s a new day

meanwhile, bombs are flying innocent people are dying so many children in schools, dying, crying, trying

trying, wait, we have another tweet 45 says what he meant, is that Tuesday, should be a holiday because it starts with T

And so does his last name,

isn’t that great?

he’s claiming that because of this He made Tuesday Great Again

But was the issue with Tuesday? Or is it deeper?

How many more videos of children, tattered, pictures of women, battered stories of communities, shattered

must we see?

But before we get to that just let me refresh

The feed

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